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Skogsfeen Activities

No matter if in summer or in winter, Skogsfeen offers a lot of exciting activities and we will do everything to make your stay at Skogsfeen unforgettable.

A summer in one of our accomodations directly on the lakeside offers you a wide range of nature experiences combined with plenty of sporting activities. Whether it is having a fresh dip into the clear lake, paddling with one of our SUPs or picking berries with Gabriele on her secret spots. Also, Fishermen will enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Or visit us in winter when snow covers the landscape and you can delight in a beautiful white surrounding. Explore the environment with our snowmobiles, learn how to ice fish, go for a skiing trip or cross country skiig - there is plenty to discover.

Independent of the seasons, our accomodations are perfect for group conferences and seminars. We can provide you with everything you need. 

Hunting & Wildlife

The area we live in is perfect for hunting. The vast forests of Härjedalen are the habitat for species like bears, wolves, lynxes, mooses, reindeers and beavers. Also, for capercaillie and black grouses.

We are happy to organize your hunting trips together with an experienced hunting guide throughout the whole year. Included in the package are transportation, hunting dogs, and food. A hunting day can be completed with a delicious moose dinner which will be served at your house.


SUPs & Boats

We have several SUPs and boats which you can rent at ours and use on the lake in front of your house or apartment. We offer one rowing and one big rubber dinghy as well as 3 new SUPs.


Did you know that in Sweden no fishing license but only a local fishing fee is required?

You can start your fishing day directly at your holiday house and we have some good recommondations for fishing spots around the area.


You can rent 5 canoes at Skogsfeen and there are some nice tours starting directly from your property. Due to the ramified Lakeland you feel already far away from civilization although being close to your holiday house. In some areas even beavers can be seen. If you are looking for more adventure, we can also drive you with the canoes further away from where you can then start your trip back to Skogsfeen.


As so many other things here in Sweden, it is also allowed to drive motocross directly outside of your holiday house in the forest area. We have two different trails around Skogsfeen and also an official trail close by.

Campfire & BBQ

We have 2 campfire places on the property close to the lake. You can either just enjoy the fire and warmth or do your own Barbecue directly in nature.

Adventure Walks & Hiking

When you decide to go to one of our accommodations you are living in the middle of nature. There are walks starting directly at your house or apartment and there are a lot of hiking tours in the area. We can either guide you or you discover you discover all by yourself. 

Picking berries

You can find a lot of blueberries, cloudberries and cranberries around the area - pick as many as you want! Cloudberries are also called the gold of the forest and can only be found in Sweden, Canada and Alaska. The main season is in summer, especially in August.


A 30 minute car ride from Skogsfeen takes you to a wonderful golf course with 9/18 holes. It is a very beautiful facility in an indescribable nature.


Skogsfeen owns several snowmobiles which you can rent. Start driving in front of your house either on your own or guided by us. The surroundings are ample enough that you can also leave for longer tours.

Ice Fishing

The winters in Sweden are so cold that you can always walk on the lake. Ice fishing is a common leisure activity here. We can prepare the whole in the ice and the equipment for you.


Husky Tours

There is a husky farm not to far from our place where you can book tours. Please, get in contact with us prior to your arrival, we can either book for you or give you the contact details of the farm.

Cross Country Skiing

In the winter you can start your cross-country skiing activity directly in front of your holiday house. There is a 3km tour on the frozen lake or you take a tour in the snowy forest.

Trekking im Schnee


There are skiing areas around Skogsfeen (Vemdalen, Are, Björnrike, Sveg, Östersund, Klövsjo) and most of them require a car ride from 30 minutes or longer.



You can access the lake from all our houses and apartments. In front of Gammal Stugan and Anna Garden there is a jetty from which you can comfortably go for a swim or do some yoga on it. In summer the water temperature is around 20 degrees.

Incredible natural spectacles

like the Northern Lights - if you are lucky, you will spot the Northern Lights at Skogsfeen which can occur from October to March.



Our sauna directly at the lake is the maximum of relaxation! Just let us know, and we will heat it up whenever you want. Afterwards you can jump directly into the lake.



There are a lot of quiet places which are perfect for your yoga workout and meditation. Breathe in the fresh air in the middle of nature and enjoy the beautiful view during your yoga session.

Spitzer Bleistift

Conferences & seminars

All houses and apartments can be rented for conferences, seminars or courses. Especially Gammal Stugan is perfect for groups up to 10 persons or day seminars and courses for up to 18 persons where people are split across the different houses and apartments for sleeping. We can support with:

  • Projector and whiteboard can be used

  • Catering providing a great variety of Swedish dishes with local and fresh ingredients

  • Individual leisure program such as hiking, canoeing, etc.

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