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Holiday season at Skogsfeen

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas season is on and we're super happy that we can spend this magical time at this even more magical place in the middle of Sweden.

At home in Germany there is no snow, but when we arrived at Ytterhogdal our eyes were sparkling - SNOW ALL OVER! We loved it.

We live at Villa Kuriosa, an amazing house with everything you need - a cozy living room, a fully equipped kitchen, a warm fireplace and most important: two huge terraces with the best view! The following picture we took from our living room, it shows the frozen lake in a mystic morning lightning.

We really enjoy this quit place where you can totally relax and focus on yourself, but during the day we also like to do some fun activities. We did some amazing adventure walks through the forests and over the frozen lakes, which was at the beginning a bit scary, but nothing can happen on the thick ice. Also, we rented the snowmobiles and took some exciting tours. Lennart helped us with a whole in the ice so we could do some ice fishing.

We really enjoyed this winter at Skogsfeen and will be back really soon!


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